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The DECKO Watch

The DECKO is a slim, sleek, sixty-LED electronic watch.


  • turn-to-wake gesture recognition
  • double-tap to wake
  • easy-to-read time display animation
  • 6-12 month battery life
  • runs on a standard CR2025 battery
  • splash and water resistant (avoid saltwater exposure though!)
  • customizable with the widely available standard 18mm NATO strap

The watch displays time by animating sixty LEDs on a circuit board face about the size of a half-dollar. Though intentionally not a "smart watch", it's got some of the same features like motion and tap detection for wakeup, and light sensing for auto-brightness. Unlike most smart watches though, it sports a low profile and runs for 6-12 months on a single coin-cell battery.

Wake Gestures

The watch features advanced motion activation.  When the watch is turned into a viewing position, it automatically animates the current time.

Time Animation 

Time is displayed by animating the LEDs. The hour winds from 12 o'clock around to the current hour, then stops with its tail pinned evenly on the hour (the head extends as the hour progresses). The minute hand animates in place after the hour hand stops so that the hour and minute are distinguishable even when they overlap.

Animation of 5:40

Animation of 5:40


All watches come with a high-quality 18mm NATO strap in your choice of color: charcoal, grey, violet, blue, orange, or green.

Rugged Construction

Once soldered, the watch components are permanently bonded to the board and will not break off.  For water and abrasion protection, we apply a urethane coating on top of the circuit board and components, and seal the battery compartment using a gasket.  The anodized metal case extends above the electrical components to add additional protection.



This 60-LED watch may be the geekiest timepiece ever. And we love it.



I really love the watch, it's fantastic! I get many comments from people saying they think it's brilliant :D 

- Early Adopter


Awesome watch, guys. Thank you for bringing it to market. 

- Early Adopter


The more I wear the watch the more I like it!

- Early Adopter