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With no buttons or dials, interaction with the DECKO differs from that of a traditional watch -- only finger taps and motion gestures.  Here are some resources to help you attain the best watch experience.


User Guide Booklet

The User Guide (pdf) provides information on basic and advanced usage of the watch. 


Video Guides

These video guides demonstrate some of the most important watch interactions.

Deep Sleep Wake

The watch ships in a deep sleep mode to save battery power.  This video demonstrates how to wake the watch from this special shipping mode.

Wake Gestures

Turn to wake motion gestures are the primary way to activate the watch to display the current time.  The ideal turn gesture should begin from a non-viewing position (e.g. arm lowered to the side or arm horizontal with wrist facing outward) and end in a flat or slightly inward to the body orientation.  This video demonstrates the wake gestures in action.

Setting the Time

After accessing a special mode, the current time can be updated using arm motion.  This video demonstrates accessing and unlocking the "time setting" mode and adjusting the current time to 3:45.